About me

Jet Propulsion Laboratory For the first two years of my employment (2016-2017) I worked on a digital signage system that allowed the lab to display posters, announcements, and other promotional material on TVs across the lab’s campus. From 2018-2020, I have been working with the data science team on the MAARS project, an effort to use deep learning to improve the MARS rovers energy usage and science capabilities.

USC Games To pursue my interests in 3D computer graphics and simulation, I have worked on several research and video game projects at USC.

I am currently working a VR combat video game for the Oculus Rift / Oculus Quest as part of my final year capstone.

For the school year 2019-2020, I worked on Soulfarer, a mixed-reality shoulder rehabilitation game meant for wheelchair-bound patients.

For the school year 2018-2019, I worked on End of the Line, a Unity-built Windows game where the player must solve a murder mystery by talking with numerous characters and gleaning bits and pieces of information from each character. The end product was a 15 minute demo that was displayed at USC’s Games Expo 2019.

I have also worked on 240 Golf, aka “Golf with Guns,” a Unity-built Windows game where players are racing to finish a golf course while shooting at each other in order to possess the course’s sole golf ball. My contribution was developing the character animation system and bug fixing for our prototype.